Comparison of quartz infrared heating tube and stainless steel heating tube

Many customers and friends will inquire about the difference between quartz heating tube and stainless steel heating tube when purchasing heating tube. In fact, in terms of practical research and practical performance, the advantages of this kind of quartz heating tube are very high, such as the use and saving of new power, etc. These advantages, let’s briefly talk about quartz heating The main advantages between the tube and the stainless steel heating tube are explained.

First of all, the quartz heating tube is a heating tube that does not require infrared coating. Its radiation matching absorption rate is also very strong and very good. It can most effectively convert electric power into heat energy. This kind of heating technology is used when working. It can reach 30% saving, so at this point, the advantage of quartz heating tube can directly overwhelm stainless steel heating tube.

Secondly, when the quartz heating tube is used for heating and drying, the operating temperature is very high. In addition, when selecting heating materials, the selection range is also very wide. If a higher heating material is required In the meantime, a ceramic-encapsulated heating tube will heat the heating temperature to more than 800 degrees Celsius, and its effect can be seen.

Third, the heating power of the quartz heating tube is fast. The primary performance of this fast power is the fast heating time and the small thermal inertia. It can greatly increase the power of the operation and save a lot of time during operation.

Fourth, the quartz heating tube has a high heating chemical function and a long service life.